My Gypsytoes

August 2018

My Gypsytoes are still itching, although since my first blog, Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua, we put travel on hold for a year. Last July we left Nicaragua due to political violence by the Nicaraguan government. The repression of the people continues, but our lives on Ometepe Island have ended. We cannot return to live until there is a change of government, the human rights violations stop, and the 60,000 Nicaraguans who left the country return.

Meanwhile, when we returned to the states, we bought a car and traveled to Canada for two months because we rented our house to good friends. When we returned to our house, Ron had an appointment with an ENT doctor because of two lumps in his neck. We weren’t worried; the biopsy report in Nicaragua and in the states both read benign. I made plans for a six month winter trip to Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Panama because we were homeless.

Unfortunately, when the pathology report came back from the dissection of the lumps, the result was positive for HPV positive throat cancer. We had entered the mysterious and frustrating world of cancerlandia.

We made the best of it. I canceled our six month trip…thank god for travel insurance!  We reclaimed our house, remodeled, painted, and decorated it to suit our changing tastes. Ron started treatment in January, 2019.

With lots of TLC, high calorie milkshakes, a positive attitude, and distractions from Cancerlandia like Game of Thrones and Outlander, we not only survived, but thrived through the long, cold winter.

A PET scan in May showed no evidence of disease. So, we started planning a two month trip through the Balkan countries. Our passion for travel could be reignited, but the way we traveled was to change.

Museum of Illusions Prague, Czech Republic September 2019

I learned many lessons from uprooting suddenly from our home in Nicaragua, to walking zombielike through the mazes of Cancerlandia, to how attitudes can affect health, to modifying travel as we age, to distractions, to losing my identity, and losing old friends to gaining new ones. I am looking forward to sharing my ideas and tips with you.

Join me in a new chapter of my life. We are Rewired and Retired once again. Life never remains the same, for which I am very grateful.

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