Doors of Perception

There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.”
― Aldous Huxley

During the long pandemic winter of 20/21, I became depressed. I wondered if I would ever be able to pursue my passion for international travel again in my lifetime. I had so many things on my bucket list and such a short amount of time to fulfill them before I wasn’t either physically or mentally able to do so.

I took an online iPhone photography course hoping to improve my mood and restlessness. I hoped it was only a matter of time after our vaccinations that we would be lacing our gypsytoes into shoes and hitting the road again to new international adventures.

My large and heavy digital zoom camera became too cumbersome for travel. I was ready to lighten my load and invest in a new iPhone 11 Pro with three lenses. The iPhone photography course not only taught me many new tricks and tips for editing and shooting, but it provided me with an insightful way of looking at life from a unique and colorful perspective. I craved a new perspective during the drab winter.

Below are some secrets I learned to having the best perspective on life as told through my photography.

1. Life is sweeter when I celebrate little victories.
My photography course encouraged me to find new perspectives. I have over 40,000 photos of our travels on the cloud. I celebrated little victories when I learned how to edit and look at new angles for my photo shoots. I spent the winter editing my memories one photo at a time and it gave me such joy.

A bus stop in Mexico City

2. I opened my eyes up to the beauty in front of me, and celebrated it.
I craved brilliance and color. One day, I took my glass globes into my windowless laundry room, placed a globe on a mirrored tile with a screen saver on my iPad behind it, and started shooting the result. During the pandemic life had become predictable and dull, and I had lost hope for beautiful things as well as admiration for the silly, whimsical things in my life. The results made me giddy. This new perspective changed my mindset.

3. Be here now. I found grace hidden in being where I am.
As strange as it may sound, I found comfort and grace in editing my photos. I was transported into other worlds, other cultures by my focus on my photography lessons. I was in lockdown in my home, but I didn’t care. I didn’t complain. I floated along peacefully in my stream of a new consciousness. I was happy.

4. Consider the bigger picture when forming a perspective on something.
I learned to think of how this one perspective or area of focus holds up within the larger picture or real-world effects. By widening my lens to the bigger picture I began to see things more clearly. Life was a series of connections. We each needed to take responsibility to hold each other up during times of trouble or chaos. This new perspective comforted me.

5. Replace negative thoughts with something more positive.
The sun will come up tomorrow. By focusing on photos that portrayed hope and beautiful sunrises (Instead of focusing on Facebook and the never-ending negativity), I found that my negativity disappeared. It took practice focusing on positive thoughts, but it got easier the more I practiced. I practiced telling myself two positive things about myself each day. Somedays, I congratulated myself on my determination, and most days I told myself how much more confident my new perspective made me feel about my life.

6. Perspectives change. I can control how I see the world by changing my perspectives.
On the malacon in La Paz, Mexico, there is a silver pearl enclosed in a giant oyster shell. I walked by it many times and every time from a different perspective. The view was never the same…constantly changing…and most surprisingly…I enjoyed the ever changing perspective. It was a metaphor for my life. I have control over the perspectives I choose to view and analyze. I strive and work towards finding positive perspectives which give my life meaning and purpose.

How are you coping with the pandemic? Has a different perspective changed you? If so, how?

4 thoughts on “Doors of Perception

  1. A lovely post Debbie! Like you I’ve been making a mental gratitude list over these tumultuous times and it really does change my feelings on how many small things make me truly happy as well as how fortunate I am to be at this time in my life: healthy, with many friends and even more good memories and looking forward to what the future holds. Like you wrote, changing your perspective changes the world around you! Anita

    • Anita, it is wonderful to hear from you. I often think about you and have wondered how you are. We live in tumultuous times with many changes. The best we can do is continue changing our perspectives to meet our needs. Hugs to you mi amiga.

  2. Hi Debbie, I’m glad you’re back on-line after a strange 18 month hiatus. We’re lucky here in small-town British Columbia to have come out pretty well unscathed, but masked and immunized and probably a few pounds heavier. We plan a trip to Cornwall with my cousins in September, with a side trip to Switzerland. We shall see. Meanwhile we’re enjoying unprecedented hot weather and no rain in the forecast. We swim everyday and enjoy our e-bikes. I was unable to open your post below but all the others I had no problems with. Take care and maybe we’ll meet again, maybe in Patzcuaro which is still high on our list of re-visits. As time goes on we like places we know and are comfortable with: Home, Patzcuaro, Grenada, Europe. That’s about it. Cheers, and as the motto here in BC goes: Be kind, be calm, be safe, Bruno & Betty

    Bruno Huber


    • Bruno, it is so nice to hear from you and to be able to catch up a little bit. I am still getting the hang of writing with the new editing tools in WordPress…lots of trial and error. I accidentally pressed the publish button instead of the save button.
      I am glad to hear that you are vaccinated and still traveling.
      We leave for Greece next month, then Iceland in November, and hopefully we will winter in Mexico. It would be wonderful to see you in Patzcuaro…maybe in January?
      Sending hugs to you and Betty.

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