Creativity in the Time of Covid

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” 
― Kurt Vonnegut

Developing wings

I have been developing my wings during the time of Covid. My passions have been tenderly redirected and nurtured into creative recycling and Covid art gardens during my staycation in the winter of 2020-2021.

Instead of researching and planning our next trip abroad, I scoured Pinterest, YouTube, and Etsy for wire wrapped jewelry ideas, recycled ceiling fans, alcohol ink globes, and bottle trees. I redecorated a spare bedroom for my Covid art projects and started my day with my Spotify music list as a distraction from the daily news.

My wings were in constant motion, testing the downdrafts, planning my daily flights into unknown territory, and recalculating for the obstacles in my way. Everything in my life required vivid color and brilliant illumination, I think because life appeared so drab and frightening during the height of the pandemic.

I used to jump into the abyss without fear, but Covid had a way of keeping me grounded and intensely focused on my tasks at hand. For I was relearning to fly in a different direction….at least while the pandemic raged and I was awaiting the vaccinations.

Now that we are fully vaccinated, we have cautiously planned our first trips abroad to Greece and Iceland. I am spreading my wings once again. I have successfully developed my wings on the way down and now it is time to soar again. This time, I can return to a twinkly wonderland and beautiful Covid Art gardens after our trips.

How did you develop your wings during the time of Covid?

9 thoughts on “Creativity in the Time of Covid

  1. Oh I love the bright colors and all of your projects! You’re getting me inspired to do the same although I might start off small with rock painting. What fun!
    I’ve also been stretching my wings during this time and, after a year of debating pros and cons, adopted a little dog in October. There are already lots of people who have volunteered to care for Ollie when I begin some traveling again so I am thinking ahead for 2022. I also, after much thinking and listing pros and cons, rented a townhouse for myself in June in Almancil, a small town close to Albufeira, and still in the Algarve region of Portugal. Co-housing for three-and-a-half years with friends was good for me, especially after Richard’s death, but like you wrote, it’s time to see where my wings will take me. Please keep me in mind whenever you decide to explore this part of Europe and know that I have an extra room for you and Ron to stay whenever and however long you like. You have a place in my heart after reading your blog for so many years and I’d love to meet my friends IRL!

    • Anita, I love that you adopted a little dog. Dogs are such wonderful companions. I miss our dog, Cappy. We couldn’t get him out of Nicaragua when we left, so our caretakers adopted him. We were in Albuferia years ago. Maybe we passed by your little town, too? You are certainly spreading your wings. I admire you so much! You go girl. I hope we can come to visit you someday. We are cautiously traveling more now that we are vaccinated. Hugs! 💕

  2. We are also planning a trip to Iceland, but we need more lead time, so are now looking at June 2022. We want to take the ferry from the east side of Iceland to the Faroes and then on to Denmark.
    For our first trip this year, we are thinking of spending October in Crete.

    • We will just miss you because we will be in Crete in September, most of the time in Chiana and flying to Heraklion from Athens. This trip has taken so much planning because we didn’t have a clue what islands to visit. All we knew was we wanted to avoid the most touristy islands, so we will spend all of September on Crete and Rhodes and take day trips to other islands. Thanks for sharing your plans. Isn’t it exciting to be on the road again? ❤️

  3. You’ve made “beauty from ashes!” What lovely, colorful creations! I’m happy to read that travel is once again on the horizon. During Covid we moved to Arizona to be near my parents and be able to help them, so that’s been a big part of my Covid experience. I’ve fit in some driving trips which have helped keep me sane but I’m hoping to get back to France this fall. We’ll see how things go. Lots of reading and photography but that’s pretty much as usual.


    • Janet, I am sure your photography has been splendid. It is so good to hear from you. We were in Arizona last fall…if I would have known. Here’s to your flight to France this fall…hoping you can spread your wings. ❤️

  4. I started felting and now make fairies. Never thought I was a fairy person, but here I am. I started a new business right before covid hit, selling education supplies, of all things. Things have been ‘dormant’ in that realm, so I continue to felt away. Best of luck to all of us as we process the changes we’ve been through.

    • Elizabeth, I love hearing about how we stretched our creative minds during the time of Covid. Making fairies? How fantastic. Felt away! Thanks for your inspiring comment. ❤️

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